The Ultimate Business & Financial Planning Workshop

March 15 - 16, 2023

Atlanta, GA




Entrepreneurs often make emotional business decisions because their money is not in order and cash is few and far between. Attempting to grow a business in this way often leads to feeling like your business is on a rollercoaster ride.

One month you're doing great, then the next month you're struggling to cover your expenses, the following month it's a little better, then the month after that you're stressed again!

Or perhaps you often feel unclear about where you are, unsure about where you're going, and clueless about how to get there. Without a financial strategy, systems, and proven solutions, you will never exit this rollercoaster, and money will always be a problem!

If you've ever felt lost, stuck, and downright afraid of potential future money problems, it is time to take the emotions out of making business decisions and has a proven plan that will bridge the gap between where you are and where you desire to be.

During ProfitCon, We Will Design Your Million-Making-Money Path!

If you don't have control of the money you're earning, more money will lead to more problems.

At ProfitCon, we will identify the bottlenecks holding you back so that next year you have double, maybe even tripled, your revenue, cash flow, bank balance, and profit!

Consistent cash flow allows you to build a profitable business, not an expensive hobby.

We will create a blueprint to eliminate your money worries and make you smile when you log into your bank account.

Not knowing your numbers can lead to decisions that can later become detrimental to your business.

Over two full days, you will learn the key metrics you must follow so that you stop making emotional business decisions and start to make
decisions based on your numbers - because the numbers don't lie!

How We Will Help You Create Your


Day 1

The Profitable Mindset Foundation

Your money mindset is an overriding attitude that you have about your finances. It drives how you make key financial decisions every day.

Therefore on Day 1, we will focus on awakening the millionaire money mindset within you.

We will kick the imposter syndrome and self-sabotaging to the curb while assembling your money vision and aligning your business goals to achieve success faster.

We will end the day by improving your money relationship, establishing your path to millions, and declaring non-negotiable business growth and money decisions.

Day 2

The Profitable Master Plan

Who knows what will happen with the economy over the next several months and years? And while that may sound stressful, during day two of the event, we will design the plan that will help you eliminate money worries and have peace of mind no matter what happens with the economy or your industry.

You will learn how to work less, charge more, and scale your business faster. We will develop million-dollar business model, develop your pricing strategy, design your money team, establish the foundation of your financial management system and much more.

Day 2 - we will eliminate the bottlenecks, uncover your money leak often left unseen by the untrained eye, and create the plan that will enable you to earn and keep more money than you ever thought possible.

The MOST Important Business Event For Women Entrepreneurs Of The Year

This event is designed to help you shift your money mindset, remove your money blocks and release the overwhelming feeling of growing your business and build the ultimate master plan to earn and keep more money in business.


Octavia Conner

After spending over ten years in corporate America, helping to build multimillion-dollar businesses as the "go-to numbers girl," Octavia decided to ditch the 9 to 5 in 2011 and build her dream business instead. With a laptop, a busted printer, and nominal savings but full of passion, Octavia embarked on a journey of providing small businesses with advanced financial management support, strategies, and solutions. Her passion led to the birth of Say Yes To Profits.

After leaving her corporate 6-figure career to become a full-time entrepreneur, Octavia experienced a period she titled "Broke, Busted, & Disgusted - Breakthrough.". During this challenging time, Octavia was completely broke and broken. From building her dream home from the ground up to one month away from foreclosure. Octavia wondered, "how could this be happening"?

She returned to corporate America part-time while rebuilding her business from scratch. Within 14 months, she reemerged as a full-time six-figure business owner, scaling to seven figures during COVID-19. She is a walking success story!

Octavia Conner is a financial consultant specializing in outsourced CFO services for women-owned consulting firms. With a focus on maximizing cash flow and profit, her firm Say Yes to Profits has built a track record of helping over 90% of its clients grow between 30% and 350% within a year.

With her signature Say Yes To Profits System, Octavia has successfully taken consulting firms from low six-figure to over $1 million in revenue including her own firm.


  • You are a service-based woman entrepreneur - consultant, coach, speaker, attorney, agency owner (public relation, marketing, branding etc).

  • You've ever felt stressed about your money and struggled to cover your expenses month-after-month.

  • You've sacrificed paying yourself a salary in hopes of keeping more money in the business to cover other expenses.

  • You've felt stuck in your business because money is flying out of the business faster than what is coming in.

  • You are ready to scale your business and have the best year yet, but you don't know where to begin.

  • You're ready to expose your money leaks, fix your money mindset blocks and finally experience a financial breakthrough.

  • Your books show a profit, but when you log into your bank account, you want to cry.

  • You desire a proven financial plan that has been tested and confirmed to get results.

  • You're ready for key metrics and proven strategies that will help you make sound business-growth decisions and not emotional, fear-guide money decisions.


Are You Being Represented Well?

If you are not happy with what you see when you log into your business bank account. If you are not happy what you see as you are operating your business, it's time to change it!

Join me to receive the breakthrough that can change your life and business forever!

A financial strategy and management system are the two most critical components of building a profitable 7-figure business.

You can’t be the bottleneck, lack financial clarity, have no money control, and expect to build a million-dollar business.

Say Yes To Profits Master Plan live event will equip and empower you to get your finances in order, develop a master plan and leave the struggling, stuck, stressful stage of your business for good!





March 15 - 16, 2023


9 am - 5 pm


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  • General Admission Items ++

  • Early Admission & Continental Breakfast

  • VIP-Only Seating

  • Bonus VIP-Only Gift

  • Catered VIP-Only Lunch

  • Pre-Event Private Consulting Session with Octavia

  • Access to the Say Yes To Profits Money Packet


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  • Say Yes To Profits Playbook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be livestream access?

Unless Covid-19 protocols changes, there will be NO livestream access provided. 

Is this event tax deductible?

Yes, in most cases this event is tax deductible. The event is in alignment with professional development. However, I recommend that you speak with your tax accountant and provide proof of the event. 

What is agenda for the event?

March 15th is day one of the event. The event will start at 9 am and concluded at 5 pm. We will return for day two on March 16th starting again at 9 am and concluding at 5 pm.

There will be breaks, activities throughout the day and a mid-day lunch break. The VIP attendees will receive a catered lunch.   

Is the ticket purchase refunded?

No, the ticket is not refundable but it is transferable to a Say Yes To Profits event in the future. 

What is the dress code for the event?

The event dress is business casual. I recommend that you wear clothes that will allow you to relax, be comfortable and feel like a million bucks.   

Will I receive one-on-one time with Octavia?

All VIP attendees will receive a one-on-one pre-event consulting session with Octavia.

Can men attend the Say Yes To Profits Masterplan

Absolutely! Men are more than welcome!

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Say Yes To Profits Covid Safety Precautions

Currently, there are no restrictions on capacity and social distancing required in the state of Georgia.

However, we encourage all attendees to wear masks at all times (vaccinated and unvaccinated).

The facility will be deep cleaned before, during, and after each event day. There will be cleaning wipes and sanitizers readily available during the entire event. We will have room and space for attendees to social distance.

Our goal is to keep all attendees safe and in excellent health at all times. We are closely monitoring our city and state Covid guidelines and will adhere to them if they happen to change.

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